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111th falcon fleet Rules of Engagement 5 years 10 months ago #371886

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111th Squad Rules of Engagement :

111TH Falcon Fleet Squadron comprises 111th Falcon-Squadron, 111th Falcon-Squadron X, 111th Falcon-SkyRiders, 111th Jagers Squadron and 111th Attack Squadron.

- We will train you to be the best fighters in dog fight. Play fair and fight hard.
- Vault money $ is use for upgrading new planes and tanks
- Always wear the falcon tag as a symbol of respect and recognition to our squadron.

The 111th falcon squad is recruiting.

We are a advanced group of fighter pilots and plan on working together to accomplish our goles. We are a family and a church as well. We help one another throue hard times and give advice to help you push throue things. If things are going tough we will pray for you. Falcons watch out for one another and do not leave each other behind and left for dead.

1: Follow orders from the commanding officers.
2: Do everything you can to not lose the game. (Except spawn killing. Patrolling is ok but spawn killing no.)
3: Respect all pilots and people.
4: Do not team kill.
5: Work together with the squad to win. (Except free for alls. Those are to enjoy dueling fellow falcons.)
6: Watch your fellow pilots backs. When a fellow pilot has a enemy on there tail, go and blast the enemy.
7: Watch what you say so you don't use vulgar language or say rude things to others.
8: No Spawn killing unless you are coming up to bomb or to get a bomber in. Any spawn killing after you have bomb or your team mate has bombed is forbidden.
9: Do Not work together in dogfight free for alls.
10: No spying on other squads. Spying is wrong and cheap.

Read the rules of engagement below, absorb and comply.

Applicable to Bomb Hangars and Bomb Carriers
No Teamkilling[/b] (refers to killing your own team) if someone for example a noob who doesn’t knows the rules of dogfight ) explain to him clearly or if he is persistent and keeps on killing, take a picture of the scene and we will take the necessary action against him, then leave the game and proceed on to another server. No matter what happened, never shoot back or you loose your points.

[/sup]Applicable to Bombs Hangars, Bomb Carriers, Capture the flag.
Unnecessary Spawn killing[/b]. If you are approaching enemy base and you manage to bomb their hangars, leave and proceed back to base unless the enemy has respawn and lift off from the airstrips. Shoot them. Fight in the air as you are a fighter pilot.
Never hang around enemy base and shoot them while they are sitting on the airstrips. Give them ample time and tell them to fly off . You have every advantage over them in the air. If they remain static, leave their base and wait for their next move.
Capture the flag
The only time when you respawned as a tank, is when you get shot down at enemy territory. If you wish to capture the flag with a tank, always remember, never shoot down planes when they respawn. Your objective is the flag. Use your skill tank techniques to out manoerves the incoming planes. Shoot back when someone shoot at you. Not helpless pilots who just respawn.
Sneaking is not classified as cheating, it is tactical . Some folks might think of it as cheating and some not, it all depends on how you look at it. Sneaking is strategy and all depends on how we uses it very effectively. Sneaking needs lot of patience as it takes more time to cover from one base to base, then comes the timings- decision to take when to enter the enemy base as you get visible in enemy radar and third one and the most important Team Effort - communicating with the team when to engage the reds to enable you to bomb the enemy base. If you don't see him in a game for a minute or so better tell your team to be at base as he may come from any direction (except underground, which I'm sure he will be the first one to explore) and bomb your base. Sneaking can't be possible without strategy and only selective pilots are successful in implementing it .
[b]Beware of Moles (New Rules integrated)
Beware of Moles, not the real moles in real life , but this mole can be found within your own squadron which is far more dangerous who can spread bad vibes to other pilots and can cause panic. They can be very nice to you and tell you that they are fair and honest in game. Once they logged on into your weakness and corner you, you cannot run from them. You have no option but to join their squadron. They squander your money vault until you dry up and wither away. They comes in many names like a chameleon. One of our falcon member had a close encounter with a mole and so it seem that this mole love to sing their favourite song “Sorry seem to be the hardest word” by Elton John everytime when they are caught in the act. So be careful members especially new pilots, who are easily victimized by these moles. If you find that your member of the squadron acting weird , please report to the 1st Command or Area Commander for follow up action.

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