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Russian Air Corps 6 years 7 months ago #191865

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Russian Air Corps

The Imperial Russian Air Service (Императорскiй военно-воздушный флотъ, literally Emperor's Military Air Fleet) was founded in 1912,being reorganised and renamed in 1917, with the end of the Russian Empire.

At the beginning of World War I, Russia's air service was second only to that of France (263 aeroplanes and 14 airships), although the bulk of its aircraft were too outdated to be of much use.

After the war began, aviators were rearmed with 7.63mm Mauser C96, because German semi-automatic pistols were more effective weapon than standard 7.62mm Nagant revolvers.

Initially, Russia used aviation only for reconnaissance and coordination of artillery fire. Later, several aeroplanes were armed with steel flechettes to attack ground targets (columns of enemy infantry and cavalry, campsites, etc.)

On 8 September 1914, the Russian pilot Pyotr Nesterov performed the first aerial ramming aircraft attack in the history of aviation

In December 1914 a squadron of Ilya Muromets bombers was formed and used against the German and Austro-Hungarian armies.

17 January 1915 - Ministry of War of the Russian Empire issued an order to arm aeroplanes with 7.62mm Madsen light machine guns and 7.71mm Lewis light machine guns.

In 1915 the Imperial Russian Air Service became a separate branch of the army directly under command of the Stavka (commander-in-chief's HQ).

During World War I, 269 Russian aviators were awarded the St. George military decorations (St George Sword, Order of St. George or Cross of St. George), 5 aviators were awarded the Chevalier's National Order of the Legion of Honour, 2 aviators were awarded the Military Cross, 2 aviators were awarded the Order of the White Eagle and many others were awarded medals.The most successful Russian flying ace and fighter pilot was Alexander Kazakov, who shot down 20 enemy aeroplanes.

However, the war was not going well for Russia and following significant setbacks on the Eastern front, and the economic collapse in the rear, military aircraft production fell far behind Russia's rival Germany.

After the February Revolution of 1917 the Imperial Russian Air Service was reformed.

After the October Revolution of 1917 Russian Air Service was dissolved.

Thanks to Wikipedia for this info.
Note: we continue to the end of WWI as Soviet unofficially.

Our anthem:

Pilot List

If you wish to join us request on this thread.

Squadron Rules
1. Follow all the normal rules of Dogfight
2. Do NOT start making any debates or arguments about Communism, we are NOT Communist in ANY way
3. Have a good time in the skies!
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Russian Air Corps 6 years 5 months ago #206408

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allied do u still want us to make u a banner

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