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Important Inputs 12 years 11 months ago #360

  • beedee
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Dear Z,

I request you to kindly consider the following points

a) Fuel :

This is very important to ensure higher ranked players do not encircle the enemy base for a long time. This shall also ensure that players develop a strategy amongst themselves for the roleplay. Ex., higher ranked players shall tane chances in attacking the enemy bases rather than all of them assembling at the same time to ensure their dominance persists.

b) Dropping of Bombs :

The objective of the dogfight is to destroy the enemy base. However most of us would be happy to drop the bombs and fly faster and have an easier maneuverability. I think this is not what you had in mind when you designed the game.

Hence i feel to ensure a better credibility to the objective, we should be allowed to drop bombs only near the enemy base. After that we are free to engage the enemy. This will also ensure the players with intentions of dropping bombs near base are not targeted midway by players who have dropped bombs and have superior air power. This will also help you design engaging missions.

I hope my two line of input help.


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Re: Important Inputs 12 years 11 months ago #364

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I totally agree with the bomb dropping idea!!!!

If thats the way to exterminate, it'll take too freaken looonng

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Re: Important Inputs 12 years 10 months ago #536

  • Snooppy
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Maybe make it so pilots can destroy hangers with their guns too. If it took around 50 or so hits per hanger the bomb issue would not be as important but it still would be a better way to destroy the enemy airfield.

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Re: Important Inputs 12 years 10 months ago #572

  • Clobber
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Fuel restriction isn't necessary because there is limited ammo. You can only hang around the base for a maxiumum of 450 rounds, then crash, get shot down, or high tail it dodging and spinning back to home base to reload.

And as far as the midway battles trying to make it to the other base. Everyone starts out with one stupid bar above their plane and no experience. Dealing with the "experts" is how you learn strategy. "What manuvers get me shot down less?"

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